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'Glamorous Lucille Ball' Portrait Bust--Click on Photo below to see more pictures

�Scary Lucy� Statue Caused Quite a Reaction--Now �Glamorous Lucy� Bust Produces a Joyous Sensation!

Press Release

Portrait Bust of Lucille Ball, by Paula Slater 

"Thank you for your work honoring our mother.  It certainly is attractive and so much more so than the one in Celoron."                                     Desi Arnaz Jr. and Lucie Arnaz 

Click on photos below for pictures and  information about the life size Neda and Sohrab Bronze Portrait Busts

Neda Portrait Sculpture

Neda "Angel of Freedom"

Portrait Bronze Bust of Sohrab Aarabi

Sohrab, "Freedom Warrior"

Arts Showcase for Iran






Lincoln Bronze Monument, entitled 'In Sacred Union'

The Lincoln bronze was featured in a TV commercial by Blue Grass Cellular.  You can see the quick glimpse of Lincoln lifting a cell phone to his ear in their commercial at and on their website.  I think it's great fun what they can create these days through special effects!















Veterans Bronze Monument

"The Ascent of Heroism" was Dedicated on Memorial Day, May 25th, 2009 at Grandview Veterans Circle in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  Click on the photo to the right to see more photos and information about this inspiring multi-figured bronze Veterans Monument.





























10ft high General Vang Pao Bronze Portrait at the Unveiling and Dedication in Stockton, CA.

Click on photo to see more photos and info. about his huge and important monument in the making.
































Liturgical Bronze Sculpture

 6'5" High Full-Figure Risen Christ Bronze entitled "Come Unto Me"

































Steven Stayner Missing Children's Memorial

  Life size full-figure bronze portraits of Steven Stayner and Timmy White.  Click on Photographs to see more. 








Life size bronze portrait bust of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.  Click on photo to see more photos of the highly detailed clay bust. 









Life Size Bronze Portrait of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.  Click on photo to see photos of the highly detailed clay bust.


















Miner Bronze Monument

 Photograph of the completed life size full-figure bronze Miner to memorialize the miners who perished in the Port Huron water tunnel explosion.  Click on photo to view additional photos and information.











Italian Air Force Museum Monument

 The life size full-figure portrait of the Italian Air Force Pilot Giulio Cesare Graziani was just installed in the Italian Air Force Museum in Rome, Italy.  Photographs of the clay sculpture are posted in Works in-Progress and more photos of the bronze just after it was given a glowing patina can be seen by clicking the photo to the right.

Dear Mrs. Slater,

yesterday finally got the big box:  we started to open it: when the face appeared I was very impressed. It is perfect! (picture sended does not allow me to understand).

 I immediately ran to the computer to express you my gratitude. You did a great job and it is really very good.

A big THANK YOU from me and my family.

Cordiali saluti,  avv. Fulcieri Graziani, (firma automatica)





































U.S.  National Monument

 The folloing photos are of the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument's 9-1/2 ft  high Military Dog Handler bronze at the foundry right after receiving this striking bronze patina.  The huge highly detailed sculpture will be on tour throughtout the United States (along with the four 1.5 times life size bronze military working dog breeds) until the entire monument is permanently installed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas in Fall of 2013.


Click on photos to the right for more photos of the National Monument in-progress..






























To the right is a photo taken by John Johnson of after the unveiling and dedication of this National Monument on October 28th, 2013.  It was such an amazing and proud day for everyone involved.












U.S.  National Monument model

 Click below for more images of the18" high bronze model of the U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument.  For more information about this very important and long overdue National Monument please click on 









Not Forgotten Fountain"

This working fountain was installed in its own little courtyard to the side of the main Monument bronzes of the National Monument. Click on Photo for more photos taken at the bronze foundry during and after it was given its beautiful patina.















1.5 Times Life Size Bronze Bust of Dr. Perico for installation in the beautiful new library at Universadad EAN in Bogota, Columbia, South America,   The Portrait Bust was unveiled by Dr. Perico's wife and his son.






































Life Size Bronze Portrait of Mr. Hemphill for the Hemphill Corporation 













Life size bronze portrait bust of Albert Hale Atwood for the Southern California Contractors Association











Life Size Full-Figure Portrait Sculptures and Monuments

Highly Detailed Life Size Full-Figure Portrait Sculptures of Link Piazzo and George Bergeron  in Clay Prior to Casting in Bronze









Portrait sculptor Paula Slater specializes in highly detailed life size bronze portrait sculptures and site specific sculptures.  Click on the life size portrait bust sculpture of Congressman Bill Thomas to the right  to view additional recent portrait commissions.










Bronze Portrait Bust of Congressman Ruben Hinojosa Installed at Texas University Pan-American.  (Click on Portrait to view photographs of the dedication at HESTIC)







                               Bronze Lincoln Bust

   President Lincoln bronze portrait bust.  Click photo above to see more.


  Presentation with Senator Dan Kelly at unveiling of the monumental Lincoln

                      Abraham Lincoln Monument by Paula Slater Sculptor


                Monumental Bronze Lincoln above (photo by Dave Wiegers) and Lincoln impersonators with it below, Click photo to see more.



 Lincoln Monument by Paula Slater Sculptor 

                 The Ascent of Heroism Veterans Memorial by Bronze Portrait Sculptor, Paula Slater




                    GVP Monument by Paula Slater, Stockton, CA

                        Bronze Portrait Sculpture of General Vang Pao by Paula Slater Sculpture 

General Vang Pao Monument Press Release today with a few photos of the monument and the dedication event. Monumental General Vang Pao Monument By Celebrated



Fascinating youtube video of the Creation of the Monument from Clay Sculpture to Molds to Bronze Casting and Patina to Installation.                  


                           Liturgical bronze Statue, Religous sculptures, Jesus Sculptures




           Steven Stayner Missing Children's Memorial by Paula Slater


                    Edward de Vere Bronze Portrait Bust




                        Italian Air Force Museum in Rome 


                   Claude Marie Dubuis bronze bust by Paula Slater 

Life size Bronze bust of a younger French Bishop Claude Marie Dubuis when he was a Priest in Texas



Codaworx chose to feature this project for publication in their September 2014 Magazine. click on the following link





Military Working Dog Teams National Monument

                           Paula Slater sculptor of Military Working Dog Teams National Monument 

        Never Forgotten Fountain Monument by Sculptor Paula Slater 


                          Dr. Perico Bronze Bust, Universadad EAN, Bogota, Columbia 


                         Dr. Perico Bronze Bust by Paula Slater


                            Bronze Portrait Bust


                                       Bronze Bust


Military Portrait Sculpture     Portrait Sculpture


                                  Portrait Sculpture of Congressman Bill Thomas    


             Bronze Bust of Congressman Hinojosa   




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