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Portrait Sculpture of Steady Eddy


Portrait Sculpture by Paula Slater


Bronze Bust sculpted by Paula Slater

Portrait Bronze


         Ed Headrick Bronze Portrait Bust

Following round two on Saturday afternoon, all of the tournament participants and guests were invited into the International Disc Golf Center clubhouse for the unveiling of a bronze bust of "Steady" Ed Headrick, which will grace his memorial museum. Special guests, Farina Headrick and Josh Orzech were in attendance to represent the DGA, who commissioned the bust. The feeling inside the clubhouse was electric as Josh spoke about Ed and his contributions to the game and the PDGA. Following his inspiring words, Farina Headrick unveiled the bust to deafening applause before giving the bust a gentle kiss.







Farina Headrick burst into tears when she first saw the life size clay Portrait Bust of Ed Headrick, and she said it was like looking directly into his face.













Highly detailed portrait bust of Frisbee founder and Disc Golf inventor, "Steady Ed" before making of the molds.















My master patinaur creating a beautiful patina on the bronze bust.













The finely finished bronze bust comes alive with an exquisite patina.








Farina Headrick with the bronze bust after the unveiling at the Headrick Memorial Museum in Georgia





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