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"Not Forgotten Fountain"

 The "Not Forgotten Fountain" just after we shot the beautiful patina at the bronze foundry. We will soon installing this unique 1.25 times life size working fountain upon its granite base in its own little courtyard to the side of the main National Monument. This bronze fountain is dedicated to all the military working dog heroes of the Vietnam War and shows the loving bond between the handler and his dog partner.








































The polished bronze before patina at the Foundry, where Tim Ahern, contractor for the National Monument, and Piero Mussi, Artworks Foundry owner, work to install the inner-workings of the fountain while the polished metal sculpture is lifted by an overhead crane.







































The Life size full-figure clay portrait of Giulio Cesare Graziani



 A book was written about this heroic ace pilot who flew over 100 value missions.  He became a highly decorated war hero who rose through the ranks to become a Brigadier General and was later promoted to General of the Italian Air Force.   

 The bronze portrait will be installed in the Italian Air Force Museum in Rome, Italy.











"Dear Mrs. Slater,

Your work is very good!  The face is perfect!  The rank is perfect (of course on both the sleeves!) and the boots are wonderful!!!  You are great!

I'm very happy!
Many thanks."

Cordiali saluti,

avv. Fulcieri Graziani



























































































































To the right are photographs of a commission I was awarded to sculpt a life size portrait bust of Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford inspired by a painting of him dated 1575.

 Many people believe that it was actually Edward de Vere who wrote the anonymous works attributed to William Shakespeare (known as the Oxfordian Theory).







 The bronze to announce a feature film/movie "ANONYMOUS" about the life of Edward de Vere as Shakespeare (release date October 28th, 2011).  Please enjoy a visit to the official website by clicking on the following link





















I sculpted this portrait bust with a tremendous amount of detail.  The Edwardian period clothing worn by de Vere was a real challenge, but it added greatly to the authenticity of the sculpture.

















More photographs will be posted here soon of the bust cast in finely detailed bronze and also in polished cast marble.



































New E-book by Mark Anderson.  Factual account of the life of Edward de Vere and his writing of the Shakespeare works.  And of course I love the cover displaying the bust I sculpted now cast in bronze! 



For Neda and Sohrab Portrait Busts please click here


Liturgical Portrait Sculpture by Paula Slater Sculptor

Religious Portrait Statue by Paula Slater, Sculptor 

Liturgical Sculpture by Paula Slater

Relief Sculpture by Paula Slater

    Relief Sculpting by Paula Slater      

The portrait sculpture above was commissioned by a Hmong Church. This religion honors the Mother and Mother Earth. Their spirituality is to love one another and love our Mother Earth. "Our Mother places her right hand over her left hand on her chest to symbolize her love for nature, living things, and human beings."  The overall height of this sculpture including the ornately decorated temple chair is 8-1/2 ft.  The molds have been made, all the many bronze pieces have been cast and are now being assembled and welded together. Next, the bronze chair and portrait figure will both be finely finished in preparation for a lustrous golden patina.


Bronze portrait Monument of General Vang Pao by Paula Slater

General Vang Pao Monument bronze relief by Paula Slater


Above is one of three 4ft by 4ft bronze relief panels that will be installed on the 6ft granite base below the Portrait of GVP.  Below is 10ft tall General Vang Pao Bronze at the foundry with his son on the left and his cousin on the right.  We had just completed shooting the beautifully rich bronze patina and giving it a protective wax finish.  The sun was behind the bronze--I can hardly wait until it is installed upon the 6ft high solid granite base facing the sun, it will look spectacular!


General Vang Pao bronze portrait by Paula Slater

Portrait Bronze of General Vang Pao by Paula Slater Sculpture

General Vang Pao portrait in clay by Paula Slater         

 General Vang Pao clay portrait in-progress before bronze casting

In-             progress photo of the 10ft tall clay portrait of eneral Vang Pao. My clients wives are photographed here in my studio in fron

General Vang Pao clay portrait by Paula Slater




Detail of General Vang Pao clay sculpture





I will sculpt the title on the book to read: "Education is the Key; Knowledge is Power".  Throughout his life General Vang Pao promoted the building of schools and encouraged the Hmong people to seek an education to advance in their lives.

General Vang Pao Bronze Monument Model

Above is a photo of a small bronze model which I sculpted of General Vang Pao (13-1/2" high portrait on a 5-1/2" high bronze base and also available in resin).  I am now presently sculpting  a 10ft high full-figure portrait of the General based on the above design.  When it is completed in bronze it will be installed upon a 6ft high solid granite base.  I will also sculpt three 4ft by 4ft bronze relief panels which will be installed upon the base and tell the story of the General's life in words and sculpted raised images.  This is a tremendously important monument to the courageous Hmong people and their heroic leader, who is lovingly known as the "father of the Hmong people".

There is so much to tell about General Vang Pao and the Hmong people and the secret war they waged in Laos during the Vietnam War to help the United States.  They risked their own lives by the thousands to save our downed American pilots in Laos, they supplied the U.S. with valuable intelligence and stopping the flow of enemy supplies from reaching Vietnam, which saved countless more lives.



Graphic illustration by Brad Bourgoyne based on my design sketches.



General Vang Pao bronze relief panel design


Relief panel in clay for the GVP Monument by Paula Slater


GVP Monument Relief panel before bronze casting


GVP Monument Relief panel in clay before bronze by Paula Slater


General Vang Pao Relief panel in clay by Paula Slater

Design sketches and clay sculpture for the three 4ft by 4ft bronze relief panels for installation in bronze on the 6ft high granite base.  The above panel is completed and has been cast in bronze.

General Vang Pao relief panel design


Relief Sculpture by Paula Slater for General Vang Pao Monument


General Vang Pao Monument Relief Sculpture by Paula Slater


General Vang Pao Relief Sculpture detail shot


General Vang Pao Monument Relief Sculpture Detail Shot


General Vang Pao Monument Relief Sculpture by Paula Slater

      The above clay relief panel is completed and has been cast in bronze.



General Vang Pao Monument Relief Panel by Paula Slater


GVP Relief Portrait by Paula Slater



This panel is completed and is being cast in bronze.


 For more information about this project please visit, and also information about the present struggle and persecution of the Hmong people in Laos today by the communist leaders,29307,2005687_2168274,00.html 

Another very informative and heart wrenching documentary:

Video of a recent fund raising event held in Wisconsin for the General Vang Pao Monument:  watch-v=neAmggqD7Sg&


Bishop Claude Marie Dubuis clay bust

Life size clay bust in-progress of a French Priest who passed away in 1895.  This portrait was commissioned by a Catholic Diocese in France.  They've ordered five casting in bronze.


French Priest Portrait by Paula Slater



Dr. Perico clay Portrait Bust by Paula Slater

1.5 times life size clay bust of Dr. Perico, founder of Universidad EAN in Bogota, Columbia.  After the bust is cast in Bronze it will be installed in the University's beautiful new library.

Dr. Perico, clay portrait bust by Paula Slater


Not Forgotten Fountain, sculpted by Paula Slater

            Larry Chilcoat (treasurer of and I posing with the "Not Forgotten Fountain" after the unveiling at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Not Forgotten Fountain, sculpted by Paula B. Slater


Not Forgotten Fountain Monument Sculped by Paula Slater


Not Forgotten Fountain, Paula Slater sculpture, John Burnam

       The patina in-progress, the final step of the magic!

Not Forgotten Fountain, Paula Slater Sculpture, John Burnam National Monument


               My original design sketch of the Not Forgotten Fountain, then I reversed the position of the Dog Handler soldier in order to add the German Shepherd to the sculpture.


             Sculpture of Giulio Cesare Graziani for the Italian Air Force Museum in Rome


Full Figure Portrait Sculpture of Giulio Cesare Graziani by Paula Slater

 Click on the following link to see photographs and information about the incredible Aviation Museum in Rome

Portrait Sculpture by Portrait Sculptor Paula Slater


Clay Sculpture by Paula Slater


Detailed Sculpture by Paula Slater


Life Size Full-Figure Sculpture


Detail of Portrait Sculpture by Paula Slater Portrait Sculptor




Edward de Vere Sculpture


Edward de Vere Bust by Paula Slater


Edward de Vere Portrait Bust


Edward de Vere Portrait Bust


Edward de Vere image


Portrait Sculpture of Edward de Vere


Anonymous -- One of the best films of the year, 12 September 2011
Review: Howard Schumann from Vancouver, B.C.

 "Through Emmerich's direction, the writing of John Orloff, the cinematography of Anna Foerster, and the superlative performance of an all British cast including Oscar-worthy performances by Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Elizabeth I and Rhys Ifans as Oxford, Anonymous succeeds both as an authentic drama and a plausible explanation for many of the problems surrounding the authorship question."


      Edward de Vere image

Click the following link shakespeare-with-e-new-2011-ebook.html for additional information about the book.


































































Contact the artist:
17415 Meadow View Drive, Hidden Valley Lake, California 95467
707-987-2048 or 1-800-675-5067

Corporate, public, and individual commission requests and inquiries from fine art galleries are welcome.

Copyright, Paula B. Slater, Fine Art Sculptor, specializing in bronze Portrait Sculpture.  The artist holds the copyright on these works.
Please do not reproduce these images without prior consent of the artist.

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